Director's Profile

Mr. Bijay Singh Baid- Mr. Bijay holds a rich experience of more than two decades in the finance sector and has been the driving force behind the company’s growth and motivation. He is already 70+ but still has a level of energy and enthusiasm which can give a 20-year-old a run for the money. He currently supervises the operations

Mr. Avnish Baid- Mr. Baid is a first generation entrepreneur who started showing up interest in a business right from his college days itself.  He took the reins of his family business in Textiles and eventually came into vehicle finance, and co-founded Jain Autofin along with Mr. Bijay Singh Ji Baid, in 1991. He has a rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of vehicle finance and the finance sector.
His predilection and growing passion is the sole reason behind the company’s meteoric rise to the present level. Over the years he has augmented his relationships with people on the basis of Trust and Conviction. His areas of focus are planning, business development and bringing innovation in the form of different schemes, mentoring and motivating teams. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him a crazy
experimentalist and an equally good risk taker.
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